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The Sussex Vampire, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the Literary Vampire

This is a story that gives us the opportunity to see one of history’s oldest, surviving legends, as it developed through the years. The idea of the vampire was certainly not new to Victorian, England — any more than Edward and his “family” coined the idea of vamiprism today. In fact this is a history that dates back to Vlad the Impaler. However, it wasn’t until the rise of the Bram Stoker’s version of Dracula that the legend of the vampire truly took flight. And while this particular book was written twenty-seven years following the advent of Dracula, it is interesting to note that the setting for this story is around 1896, one year before the actual publication of Stoker’s work.But what sets this apart from the typical vampire stories is that the great Holmes is no proponent of the existence of the vampire. This is probably a reflection of Doyle’s belief that in science there is no room for fictionalized creatures, even if they have been glamorized through the acceptance of the public. But it is this approach in the attempt to disprove the existence of such creatures that sets this apart from other works in the vampire genre.The existence of a vampire is tantamount to the existence of evil incarnate. Simply put, when the vampire legend was born, it embodied the belief that evil was a physical entity that had the capacity to take form, and walk abroad among men. However, for the lovers of science the concept of evil is as intangible as the mystic traditions of religion, and spiritualism. And in fact, the concept of evil had its origins in the same religious beliefs that have been handed down through the generations. By tackling the superstitions surrounding evil, and allowing the voice of Holmes to make an investigation into the existence of evil, Doyle is in fact declaring that true evil is to be found in men, and not in the realms of mystic belief.True evil are the acts that one commits against another, and it takes men to be able to accomplish this feat. So in fact, this piece of work can be considered Doyle’s pronouncement against the idea that evil exists in a solitary form — but rather it is embodied in men. And all men are capable of some of the most heinous acts, which we frequently brand with the label of evil.Overall, this is a good story. And it offers an interesting insight into the fact that once the immortal nature of the vampire legend was established through the writings of Stoker, it grew into an independent area of fiction, which eventually developed into a genre all its own. Doyle is just one stopping point along the journey from Count Dracula to the Edwards and Bellas of today. And while the shape, form, and manifestation of the vampire persona has change dramatically over the years — the basic concepts behind the vampire itself are still as true to their origins as the day they were first penned by Stoker.

Visit Top Most Adventure Travel Destinations In India

The best education and knowledge that we ever receive is through travelling to various places. The impulse and will to travel is considered to be the most commendable sign of life. It’s never a matter of money but a matter of courage that renders you with a soul filled in contentment, serenity and wittiness. India has always been the most preferable destinations to travel to. With the lush green mountains and serene nature, it never fails to appeal you. Incredible India Tour provides travelers with an essence of culture, history and natural beauty as each and every city in the region is instilled with enchanting beauty rendered to it by the nature.The Golden TriangleIf you’re one of the people who are intrigued by architectural antiquities, cultural essence and bustling crowd, then the golden triangle is the ideal place for you. Being one of the best Travel Destinations In India, the triangle features three best cities of the nation i.e. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The places offer some of the most enchanting travel experiences filled with archeological feels and heritage touch.Rajasthan, The Desert StateAnother astonishing travel destination in India is the state filled with royal forts and extravagant palaces. Rajasthan is one of the most visited places in India due to its flamboyant cultural essence and rich heritage. Also, the state is quite huge and you can enjoy multiple things at once. While the city of Jaisalmer offers massive golden forts, Pushkar is highlighted as the holy city of the state. Incredible India Tour is incomplete without a visit to this alluring region.
• Ranthambore National Park
• Forts of Jaisalmer
• Archeological monuments of Jodhpur
• Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
• Romantic Lakes of UdaipurThe Tropical State, KeralaWhile the Northern part of India is quite busy and populated, the southern region offers peace, contentment and serenity at its best. Kerala is another must-visit region on your Incredible India Tour. A tropical, lush-green and appealing place filled with extravagant natural beauty, Kerala never fails to appeal the tourists.
• Take a Cruise Ride along the Backwaters to Rice Fields
• Gorgeous Beaches
• Spice plantations
• Wildlife Sanctuaries
• Tea plantationsThe Indian Himalayan RangeAway from the scorching heat and bustling crowd lies the cool mountain range offering spiritual serenity and peace. You must get hold of a reputed travel company in India and plan a visit to the Himalayas. Also, you will get to visit a wide number of places like Manali and Dharamshala. Amidst the tranquil mountain flora and cool breeze emerging from the peak, you will definitely find yourself intrigued by this place. Don’t forget the Tibetan monasteries and ancient palaces that lie on your way to the Himalayas.

How to Lease Commercial Property the Right Way

The leasing of commercial property is done with one main target in mind. That is to produce a net return for the landlord that is stable and market relative. A number of factors come together to achieve this including:
Rent value that is comparable to other properties of similar type
Quality of property improvements to serve the tenants
Supply and demand of vacant space
Available incentives to lease property
Services and amenities to support occupancy
A rental type (gross or net) that recovers outgoings for the landlord for the occupied space
Rental escalation that will underpin and strengthen the value of the property over time
Quality lease documentation that attracts buyers when the property is sold in the future
Marketing of the vacant space so that it achieves timely occupancy and a minimum amount of vacancy downtime.So this taken in context means you must be prepared and proactive if you want to lease your vacant areas quickly and have a reasonably stable ongoing cash flow from the property. The only motive to have excessive vacant space is when you want to change property usage or redevelop the property.A landlord can undertake the leasing of their own property or they may choose to appoint a real estate agent to help them. The reality is that most real estate agents working with commercial property would have a sizeable database of businesses and tenants that may require lettable space locally. A landlord does not have that resource. A landlord will therefore be well served to choose a specialised real estate agent to help them with the leasing of a property.A leasing agent and property manager when working in unison on a commercial property can create significant operational advantage for the landlord of a property. Not only can the property be managed on a daily process to optimise performance but the future leasing cash flow from the rental can be staged to grow and strengthen the property value.This all takes planning and at the centre of the plan is the lease strategy for the property. This is where the real estate agent should track the property opportunity and the comparable properties in the local market. The agent can then talk about the ideal rent growth, lease term, option terms, base rent structure, rent review structures, and outgoings recovery. These factors when carefully planned create good leases. A better investment performance is the potential outcome.A property or tenancy should never be randomly leased. Decisions should be made regards the lease and the future occupancy before a tenant is found. A real estate agent that is experienced with commercial property will help a landlord make those decisions.On a final note, a property investor or landlord should only work with the real estate agents that are proven performers in the local market with commercial property. To do otherwise can create an investment disaster.

How To Choose A Drug Rehab Center

Getting the addict to agree to treatment is a big first step towards recovery, but the very first question that comes up is what type of drug rehab center is most appropriate? Most addiction experts agree that the most successful programs involve getting the addict away from familiar surroundings which have been nurturing the addiction.Removing the addict from the using environment is crucial since being close to home makes it far too easy to slip back into old habits. Whether the drug treatment center is one hour away from home or a four-hour plane trip, the ideal environment for a recovering addict is in a residential treatment facility or drug rehab center.Although a residential drug rehab center is ideal, many addicts and/or their families cannot afford the substantial cost involved. Too, many addicts seeking recovery have work or family commitments which make attending a residential facility unsuitable. The case of Charlie Sheen who sought treatment in the middle of filming his hit show “Two and a Half Men” well illustrates the dilemma of many addicts and their families. Out-patient treatment is the only possible treatment for many.Among drug rehab centers, whether in-patient or out-patient programs, those making the selection will have a wide range of choice. One choice to make is between a tailored and a non-tailored treatment program. Tailored programs cater to groups of people from a similar demographic, work, lifestyle or socioeconomic background. Most today are familiar with celebrity rehab, one type of tailored program, due to the TV program of Dr. Drew Lipinsky and his staff.Other types of tailored programs from drug rehab centers might be geared toward those whose professions are highly susceptible to excessive drug or alcohol use. Professional athletes, for instance, have high rates of perscription drug abuse, while musicians tend to illegal drugs. Indeed, creative people of all kinds seem to be more inclined to addiction. Today, too, the elderly are statistically more likely to abuse alcohol or perscription drugs. Any of these might benefit from a tailored program. Teenagers also seem to benefit more from treatment programs while they are among their peers.For most, though, a non-tailored program will be the choice of drug rehab center. Here, the addict will encounter others from every walk of life and socio-economic station. For many addicts, realizing that anyone can suffer from the chronic disease of addiction is a crucial first step in recovery. Once addicts get past the self-blame, they can connect to other sufferers in the drug rehab center and start helping each other towards a lasting recovery.Once the treatment at a residential drug rehab center is complete, usually within six weeks, then the careful preparation for returning home, to the formerly using environment, can begin. Most frequently, at this time another drug treatment center or an ancillary facility provides out-patient programs to the now-recovering addict. The recovery at this point is still new and fragile. The addict needs the support not only of friends and family but also of individual and group counseling from the drug rehab center.